How to Make Your Old Home Feel New (For Less) in Harlingen, Texas

Posted by Aniceto Mata Jr // July 18, 2019

Does your house feel more cramped than cozy? Are those mauve walls driving you mad? Then it’s time to give your old home a new feel with a real estate investment to give a much-needed face lift. Although renovating or rehabbing properties can be expensive, especially in this economy, there are a few tricks you […]

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Growth Hacking Tips for Real Estate Professionals In Harlingen Tx

Posted by Aniceto Mata Jr // July 9, 2019

How can real estate agents, brokers and investors in Harlingen, Tx tap into rapid growth to propel their businesses and return on investment (ROI)? Growth hacking, for those who are not familiar with the concept, is all about getting bigger over a shorter period of time. Done correctly, growth hacking requires less effort and offers […]

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10 Tips for Maximizing Small Living Spaces in Harlingen, Texas

Posted by Aniceto Mata Jr // July 2, 2019

How can you make the most out of your living spaces in Harlingen, Texas? With mobility on the rise and affordability getting worse, renters and homebuyers are frequently finding themselves living in tighter quarters than they’d like.   Whether you desperately crave to make your current space bigger, make a new home work for your large family, or […]

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How To Find A Buyer For Your Rehab Property FAST In Harlingen TX

Posted by Aniceto Mata Jr // June 25, 2019

In the world of real estate time is money. With every rehab property you work on it is essential that you find a buyer as quickly as possible. The interest payments, insurance and taxes don’t stop until your property gets sold. The first 24 hours of any new listings is the best time to generate interest. The […]

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Buying A Rental Property In Harlingen, Texas- What You Need To Consider

Posted by Aniceto Mata Jr // June 4, 2019

There are many investors who are on the fence when it comes to buy and hold real estate. For every five investors who recognize the upside that Rental Property In Harlingen, Texas provides there are a few that focus on the negatives.  Between dealing with tenants, handling maintenance issues and protecting your property being a […]

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5 Actions When Applying For Traditional Mortgage Loans In Harlingen, Texas

Posted by Aniceto Mata Jr // May 28, 2019

As far as Traditional Mortgage Loans In Harlingen, Texas go, here are many real estate investors who are utilizing traditional lender programs. With interest rates continuing to slide this has become an increasingly viable option.  As popular as lender programs are not every borrower can get approved.  There are still strict guidelines in place and […]

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4 Property Value-Boosting Items for Your Investment In Harlingen, Tx.

Posted by Aniceto Mata Jr // May 21, 2019

This year why not show your real estate Investment In Harlingen, Tx. how much you care by giving it a little gift? A few domestic upgrades like a new sink or toilet will boost your property value, and these additions will make your real estate investment much more comfortable to live in – even if […]

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Rental Property Exit Strategies In Harlingen, Tx. (And SRS Is One Of Them)

Posted by Aniceto Mata Jr // May 7, 2019

With any investment it is always wise to consider the exit strategy prior to diving in. Things may look good on paper, but reality is often a different story. As Mike Tyson famously said, “everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face.”  How you want the property to go is not always […]

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5 Basic Due Diligence Steps For Any Prospective investment in Harlingen, Tx.

Posted by Aniceto Mata Jr // April 30, 2019

When it comes down to any prospective investment in Harlingen, Tx., you can do everything right on six consecutive deals but if you are sloppy with the due diligence on the seventh, the consequences could be severe. As basic as it sounds, it is important to always keep the flow of profits moving in the […]

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Student Housing Rentals In Harlingen, Tx.

Posted by Aniceto Mata Jr // April 23, 2019

In the world of real estate, you never know where your next big opportunity will come from. You may invest a certain way for years and then out of the blue be presented with something more appealing, and profitable. It is important to keep an open mind and be willing to at least explore every […]

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