Purchasing Your First Rental Property

Posted by Aniceto Mata Jr // August 11, 2022

Nothing is more beneficial to your long-term financial health than the right rental property. Sure, quick flips and rehabs are great for the short term but a strategic acquisition of a rental property can completely change your portfolio. Not only are they a source for surplus monthly cash flow, but they also build equity for […]

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How to Make Your Old Home Feel New (For Less)

Posted by Aniceto Mata Jr // August 4, 2022

Does your house feel more cramped than cozy? Are those mauve walls driving you mad? Then it’s time to give your real estate investment a much-needed facelift. Although renovating or rehabbing properties can be expensive, especially in this economy, there are a few tricks you can use to make that old house look new without […]

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How To Negotiate The Best Possible Deal

Posted by Aniceto Mata Jr // July 28, 2022

In real estate, it is not enough to simply get the property you desire. If you overpay or the closing is later than you desire, you won’t be able to maximize the bottom line.  It is essential to win every negotiation you are part of. Sometimes, winning means taking the seller’s price and closing in […]

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10 Tips for Maximizing Small Living Spaces

Posted by Aniceto Mata Jr // July 21, 2022

How can you make the most out of your living space? With mobility on the rise and affordability getting worse, renters and homebuyers are frequently finding themselves living in tighter quarters than they’d like.   Whether you desperately crave to make your current space bigger, make a new home work for your large family, or to maximize a […]

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Understanding the Short Sale Process

Posted by Aniceto Mata Jr // July 14, 2022

A lot has changed in the world of real estate over the last decade. As difficult as it may be to believe, the mortgage collapse was over ten years ago. A defining term that emerged shortly after the collapse was the “short sale”. There is a good chance that even if you were in real estate you probably never […]

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Selling a House for Cash 101

Posted by Aniceto Mata Jr // July 6, 2022

In many markets, property values have taken off to levels not seen in well over a decade. It may be a great time to explore selling your home. Depending on the condition of your property, the buyer may be a cash buyer. While this is a typical practice, there are many nuances and slight differences […]

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Selling a House without a Realtor (FSBO)

Posted by Aniceto Mata Jr // June 30, 2022

Can California homeowners and investors sell their homes without using a real estate agent? More importantly, if they can, should they? Property owners and investors make these decisions every day. While there are certainly advantages to neglecting the assistance of a real estate agent, those trying to save money will find that it could end […]

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How to Calculate Closing Costs

Posted by Aniceto Mata Jr // June 23, 2022

When buying or selling a home, the topic of closing costs is bound to come on the horizon. It takes a village to purchase or sell a home, with several different people playing a role in the real estate transaction. Buyers, sellers, real estate agents, and inspectors are just a few of the different people […]

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Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Your Home

Posted by Aniceto Mata Jr // June 16, 2022

As with any financial transaction, there are choices you should and shouldn’t make when selling your home. The sad reality is that the most common mistakes are arguably the easiest to avoid. Preventing these mishaps is especially important if you are selling or thinking about selling your house independently without a realtor or sales agent. […]

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Home Inspection Tips for Sellers

Posted by Aniceto Mata Jr // June 2, 2022

No one likes it when a good deal dies. Especially when selling your home, it can be disappointing. Whether the property won’t sell due to financial complications or miscommunications, learning that a great offer has fallen through is always a setback in real estate. Unfortunately, home inspections are a well-known deal-killer within real estate. They’re […]

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