Best Closet Storage Bets

Best Closet Storage Bets

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When trying to sell your house, having everything organized and stored properly is very important. However, shoes, scarves, socks, belts and ties can be some of the trickier items to store efficiently. These closet components are handy helpers for keeping such items tidily tucked away.

Shoe Shelves and Racks

Shoe shelves and racks are available in many styles and in freestanding as well as mounted and door-mounted designs. Hanging racks are ideal for closets with limited floor space. A new entry into the market is a narrow, floor-to-ceiling revolving shoe caddy that fits into the corner of a closet. Other shoe-storage options include tilted shelves in both laminate and wire that can be wall mounted or positioned at foot level.

Tie and Belt Racks

Tie and belt racks come in a variety of clever forms including pull-out bars with metal hooks. Tie racks can be attached to existing shelving or mounted on the closet wall. Put the rack in a place where ties can hang freely without wrinkling.

Drawer Dividers

Drawer dividers separate a drawer into smaller sections to help keep socks, scarfs, and belts from getting jumbled or lost. Inserts can be found in many plastic or laminate shapes.

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